What is Chi Kung?

What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung is an ancient form of exercise originating in China.  Chi Kung translates as ‘energy exercise’ or ‘to work one’s energy’ an important aspect of Chinese Medicine. Chi Kung has developed into many different styles and forms over the millennia.

The underlying principle mainly involves the cultivation and circulation of Chi.

Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung is a style of Chinese Chi Kung, often considered to be at the ‘core’ of many different styles of Chi Kung.  This may be practiced lying down, sitting or standing.  Once the template is learnt it can be adapted to many different aspects.  One of which is to help people regain and also maintain their health and vitality.  Simple to learn and easy to practice this system of postures and movements is more static than Tai Chi and is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Zhan Zhuang pronounced “Jam Jong” is a style of Chi Kung, which focuses upon learning simple specific physical postures, and then learning how to maintain them without physically moving.  This is usually standing but sitting and laying postures are sometimes also used depending upon the level of health and circumstances of the student.

By relaxing both on a physical and mental level one is able to integrate the two systems.  This in turn enables an increased circulation/flow of energy, which according to the principles of Chinese medicine enables improved health and vitality. The underlying principle is to maintain a posture with the minimum of required muscle tension.  As muscle tension has the ability to constrict the flow of energy we are in effect helping our systems to become more efficient.  An excess of physical tension results in pain (a stagnation of Chi flowing) this gives the student a very effective ‘yard stick’ to work with.  This style does not use visualizations to aid the circulation but relies on the practical physical functions of the body to aid in progress, healing and change.

Adam teaches Chi Kung classes every Tuesday between 7pm-8pm at the Britsh School of Shiatsu, 3 Thane Works, Thane Villas, London N7 7NU.  If you require further details, please contact Adam.