Articles and Interviews

Articles and Interviews

Below you will find various articles which Adam has contributed to for various printed and online press businesses.  In addition, you will find also a selection of interviews whereupon Adam was a guest speaker.

Articles and Interviews where Adam has contributed during 2022

The following article has been published in the United Kingdom Shiatsu Journal and the Australian Shiatsu Journal separately.

Titled: The Structure of Awareness.  Click here to download the article.

Presentation: The Structure of Awareness
by Adam Hellinger 2021

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Everything Shiatsu Podcast
Shiatsu and our habitual patterns

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3rd December 2021

Global Shiatsu Community for All
Five Lights Center of Shiatsu Studies

Interview – Zoom
November 6th 2021
Developing awareness in Shiatsu Practice.

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Click on the link to follow through to watch the interview of Adam Hellinger about clean language when teaching Qi Gong.

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Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor

Chapter 5 Translated by Sabine Wilms Humming with Elephants. An exploration of ideas and perspectives using clean language and Chi Kung/Daoyin movement Adam Hellinger…….