Chi Kung Workshops



September 11th 2021 London


LSC Unit 1-2 Leeds Place
Tollington Park
London N4 3RF




  • PCD points and certificate of attendance will be available
  • £60 payment before 15.08.2021 £75 afterwards
  • Revisiting where we are with our practice


  • How do we develop our connection and touch?
  • Relate this to diagnosis and revisit the principle of intention.
  • How patterns be created, how we can discern these via Hara diagnosis?
  • Linking the Kyo and Jitsu, one becomes two, which return to one, which we can then rebalance the system/field with.
  • How to begin developing our awareness (embodied presence) and how it can manifest in our touch and therefore our diagnosis.
  • Exercises linking structure with structural awareness (Chi Kung)
  • Linking structural awareness to ‘clean language’ and how a pattern can manifest in a verbal image
  • Exploring working with these principles and relating them to diagnosis/awareness
  • How this can support developing our touch and therefore interaction with others.


Zhan Zhuang Standing Chi Kung

A Weekend workshop working with a unique series of Chinese exercises to provide a solid foundation for most forms of self-awareness exercise.  These will then be linking to the foundation of standing Chi Kung system of Zhan Zhuang and Yi Chuan.

This standing form of Chi Kung is universal to most styles of Tai Chi and Chi Kung It helps develop relaxation, vitality and good health through the principles of Chinese Medicine.

Ole Eskildsen has over 30 years’ experience with the study, practice and teaching of Oriental Arts.

At the moment workshops are presently postponed.  Please do keep in touch via the website or email Adam for more up to date information.

In the meantime, do take care.